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I thought the wraps worked for a couple of days, and my skin felt good. Took measurements last night and again this morning and there was a change for the better!

Letty (San Antonio, Texas)

The Infrared Elite Body Wrap gave me lots of energy, which I need and i felt lighter. the overall picture of my legs full of cellulite was 50% better. And when I put my jeans back on they were much looser. Produced a sense of euphoria and well being after wrap!

Dr. Rebecca (Laredo, Texas)

The body wraps are different, but it helped my knees and gave me a lot of energy, I like it!

Maria (San Antonio, Texas)

The body wraps are very good! Everything it says it does I feel like it does. Looks like it has helped my cellulite, my knees look better and feel better. Skin texture was better. Definitely reduces aches and pains, and had more energy.

Myrna (San Antonio, Texas)

Eyelash Extensions are the BEST THING I ever did for myself! I love the boost of self-confidence and Belinda is the BEST!

Julie (Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas)

My eyelashes have changed my life! It's a pleasant interlude for "self time".

Irene (San Antonio, Texas)

I really love the time I save in the morning when putting on my makeup and all the great things people have said about my lashes looking so natural.

Lauri (San Antonio, Texas)

Eyelash extensions are fabulous. They are very natural looking and you don't have to worry about wearing mascara, they are the best thing ever.

Maria (Bulverde, Texas)

Rachel gave me a #maskne Absolutely Wonderful!! From Dry but Sensitive Skin To Soft, Hydrated Glowing Skin I was Amazed!! Thank you ♥️

M.J. (San Antonio, Texas)

Just wanted to thank you for such a great airbrush tan. It turned out beautiful. You guys gained my trust. Looking forward to the April specials there. Will definitely be getting other services soon.

Michelle (San Antonio, Texas)

I love my lashes! I can get ready so fast in the mornings and look more natural. Thank you Belinda

Lisa (San Antonio, Texas)

Absolutely Amazing!!!! Just Fabulous!!! You won't be disappointed!

Diane (San Antonio, Texas)

Professional yet friendly atmosphere. I can trust that Belinda has my very best interest in mind and I have confidence in her ability to give me excellent service.

Ann (San Antonio, Texas)

I've been getting my lashes done by Belinda for 2 years and I couldn't be happier with the quality & longevity. I will never wear mascara again.

Annette (San Antonio, Texas)

Belinda is great! It takes a special skill and talent to do eyelash perms and I'm always pleased when my stick straight lashes turn out long and curly, thanks to Belinda.

Cris (San Antonio, Texas)

Belinda has a world of patience and eye for detail. Thank you for keeping me beautiful.

Jennifer (San Antonio, Texas)

Great service!! Easy breezy covergirl 😍!! Rachel rocks😎!!

Amanda P. (San Antonio, Texas)

I had the incredibly good fortune of finding Belinda Fallon at Advanced Cosmetics quite by accident. I have had micro current and LED light on numerous occasions in various parts of the country and was looking for a place in San Antonio. I had not used the BT Series before, but Belinda was very knowledgeable about her machines and about her product lines and I LOVE getting facials. The Ultimate Layering facial was "Fantastic!!" and I immediately noticed an improvement in my overall skin tone and texture. In addition, Belinda's micro current facials are second to none and the atmosphere is truly delightful and relaxing. I would highly recommend Advanced Cosmetics to the discriminating facial client.

Katherine P (Oregon)


Linda N. (San Antonio, Texas)

Like best: I had microcurrent with Belinda and it was great!

R.B. (San Antonio, Texas)

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